Yac Roadmap

Posted on Oct 18, 2016 , 2 minute read


This APP is no longer maintained and pulled from PlayStore long ago. Below text is for archival purpose only.

Thanks to your support and interest, YAC is constantly evolving. I have laid plans in this post about what I am going to do around which milestones.

Current Status

Below are the points that will make to v 1.0.

  • Update 15-Nov-2016: Version 0.6 is Released in alpha. Below updating points with comments.

  • Update 08-Dec-2016: Version 0.7 is near finalization. It will be released on or before 15-Dec-2016.

  • Update 08-March-2017: Version 0.9 is released in Play Store, which is first version out for public and out of beta.

  • Update 14-March-2017: YAC reached 1.0 milestone which is live in play store.


Released, focusing on Post 1.0, renaming it as future plans.

Future Plans

I am planning two milestones 1.5 and 2.0. While 1.5 will add some functionalities around Usability, 2.0 is focused around giving power to users, where instead of app deciding experience for users, users will tailor the app experience for them. Here are planned points for each issues.

Between 1.0 and 1.5

  • Some UI Improvements.
  • Will introduce an overview for directories. (Which will change some browsing options)

For 1.5

  • App widget.
  • Normal Shortcuts.
  • DashClock Support.
  • Better notification previews for images.

For 2.0

  • User setting for each directories.
    • These settings will include
      • Timings for scan.
      • Theme/Colors.
    • These settings may include
      • Renaming the tab(not the actual directory)
      • Arrangement of the tab.

And bugfixes as always.

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