How to join Beta program for Wish 'N U.

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 , 2 minute read


This APP is no longer maintained and pulled from PlayStore long ago. Below text is for archival purpose only.

The Latest version is out in beta, which is much improved than current version live in play store. And before it goes wild, I have uploaded an early preview beta in google play. And If you are interested in beta, here are the steps you are supposed to follow.

  1. Joining this program requires you to join our Google+ community. You can find and join the community here.
  2. After joining go to following URL,
  3. You may be prompted to “Become A tester”. If this button comes up to the page press it so you can have rights to download the app from beta.
  4. In the page you have a link that says “download it from play store”. Clicking it will redirect you to play store page of Wish ‘N U.
  5. In play store page, make sure the app’s version name is 2.9.8 or later. If it’s there you can download it straightly.
  6. Enjoy the app…..

As this app is in beta, it can contain bugs and certain issues, there are couple of them I’m aware of, and working on it. Some of those are.

  1. You can’t see born today section in Offline mode. You have to be online to do that.

Apart from it, if you find any issues or have a suggestion, let them flow in by comments.

By then, may the force be with you….

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