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Posted on Sep 3, 2014 , 4 minute read


This APP is no longer maintained and pulled from PlayStore long ago. Below text is for archival purpose only.

N.B. : If you are developer and seek any technical help, you may not find any of it in this post. For technical help, you may be interested to read this post

In Wish ‘N U you can see an alert message regarding to sending anonymus data to improve the app. This post is to explain what kind of anonymus data I collect through the app, how and why. And moreover how can it help us to improvise the application in general.

Before I start let me remind you I use Google Analytics to collect, analyse and store the data I collect from you, and bound to their Tearms and Conditions in general. One more thing, I don’t collect the data without your approval, you may be presented a message at the entry point of the app, and I collect your data only if you have permitted me to do so.

Here is the main part.

WHAT HOW AND WHY do I collect information about you?

  • First of all I collect data regarding to your device’s screen measurement. What size it is and in which density bucket your device belongs to. I have tried my best to fit all sizes, but in case something is missed I can use this information to correct the design.

  • I also load and save Google Plus contacts to use in this application, this part requires latest Google Play Services should be installed in your phone. I detect status of Google Play Service’s availibility. Google updates play service and its’ library frequently and adds many features in it. I use this information to decide when to upgrade play services library version from my side such a way that you don’t face too many problems.

  • I have also opted in to get Crash and Exception report , and this crash report does not reveal any more information about you. It only says the nature of crash, and a place in code where it occured, so the developers can check the place to solve the crash.

  • I also collect loading time for various part of the app. At the time of writing the app has your contacts being loaded from your Address Book and your Google+ profile. I collect how many contacts are there and how much time does it take to get all information.

  • Above information is trivial, because the app can fetch contact numbers, emails (So you can wish your friends by contacting them) , birthdates and anniversaries (So app can remind you about your friends’ important life events) along with profile pictures (So you can easily identify them). These information may take time and we all want it to be done faster than it is, I collect this information to check whether I can do any changes to make the loading faster.

  • Apart from that I collect what features are used more widely. What screens are visited and how many times. In case you use “Spread Us” menu to tell your friends about this app, I detect which app you use to share, without detecting who you are. That information helps me to detect more popular features in the app. For Social network apps, This information can help me to decide whether I can work certain social app or not. Though it’s subject to support from developer(s) of certain app and it’s usefullness in our app.

As a developer we can know how many of you are using the app, on which device, in which country and on which network. But none of these information help us directly to identify you. And that’s why I opted for Google Analytics, so we the developers can get the information that can improvise our app and your experience. And you don’t have to worry about your personal information being leaked accidently or maliciously by a developer.

Being a solo developer I don’t get much time to analyse each and every thing so frequently. But I can assure you whenever I get the time I will talk about the usage and it’s finding about the app. I will also update this page if and when I change anything in collecting the information. Thanks for reading this and keep using Wish ‘N U

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